ADfwtinAP noun Administative Decision from which there is no Appeals Process
BAG noun Bowl America Gaithersburg
BFoN B BasesFullOfNats
Big Loser noun the loser(ette) of the most recent completed game
coif noun the product
coif verb using the coifeur to produce coif
coifalicious adj (exactly what you think it means-does not require a definition)
coifeur noun  
coifmeister noun the person using the device used to produce coif (or...)
CTG noun Coventional Table Game
DoG noun Days of Gaming (most commonly referencing a beach weekend)
Featured Game noun The Board Game started closest to 9PM
FoG noun Fortnite of Gaming
FTFP noun Fourth Thursday Four Player
GotY noun Game of the Year
GSA noun Giraffe Service Announcement
JBAB B Just Been Awful
Maggot(ess) noun the Winner of the most recent game
MGT noun Main Gaming Table-the table which is closest to the biggest screen on the premises and which is of sufficient size to allow 4 player gaming
Plasticoif verb using a plastic coifeur
RoT B Run of Ten
SFoN (?) B SacksFullOfNats
sommy noun the person dispensing wine, generally the one present with the highest tax balance; if none present are in arrerers, #1 is sommy
SSI noun screen securement inhalation
Super Coif noun the product in its first 56 seconds after being coiffed
TAB B Turnover Anticipation
TAWS noun Terps Advance Warning System
TBTB B Terps By Ten
TiL B Terps in Lead
TotY noun Tot of the Year, or Tater of the Year
WAPTbWAPT phrase We Ain't Playin' that, but We Are Playin' This
WBTB B Wizards By Ten
WoG noun Week of Gaming
Amstercoif noun alt to "amsterdam"
amstercoif verb alt to "amstercoif"
Amsterdam noun the original coifeur with a folding handle
amsterdam verb using the Amsterdam to produce coif
CKoP noun Chief Knocker of Pins; previously CPK or CKP
CPK noun Chief Pin Knocker
FutG verb Fire up the Grille
hammer noun last shot of an end/frame/similar